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    Basic reporting question

      I'm a novice with Marketo reporting. Is there a way to create a report that displays data from multiple smart lists?

      Column A: (number of leads from smart list 1) | Column B: (number of leads from smart list 2) | Column C: (number of leads from smart list 3)

      Thanks for any help. 
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          Hi Ari,

          Yes, you can add smartlist columns to any Lead by X report.  See https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L3bmCAC for more details.

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            Josh Hill
            These are often called Custom Columns.

            Maybe TJ can correct me here, but the custom column is only going to report on people who match Both the Report Smart List constraints AND the custom column smart list, so you will see Everyone who matches in the Report and a second column of people who matched Column 1 and Column 2.


            Col 1: Leads by Month Report with Report Smart List = "Lead Status = Open"
            Col 2: Leads with Lead Status= Open + Smart List 2: Lead Source = Marketo