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Reminder Email with variable dates

Question asked by 24166 on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by dadd4f58dd47313d6d395673dae2ebcd9202c98c
Here is a scenario I'd love some help or suggestions with.  I am trying to set up an email flow that does payment reminders (transactional email) a week, a day, and the day of their due date. For each customer, this date-field can be different and changes every two weeks or when a customer makes a payment early, so it's a little tricky in scheduling.

I want to set up a triggered campaign for this. Every time this field changes, the campaign is triggered to send out an email a certain amount of days before the date in the field.
For example, the date populates as March 14th. The campaign will trigger an email to be sent March 7th.
I know there is an option to use a "Date Token" as a Wait step criteria, but is there a way to schedule an email before a variable date token?
I wish to avoid creating other date fields (like a date for the week before and a date for the day before) if at all possible.

Other scenarios where this may be helpful is, say, sending out a "Happy Birthday" email a week before a customer's birthday with an offer... or if a customer signs up with your services, they receive an offer that expires in x dates and you want to send a reminder the day before to redeem it. 

Has anyone set something up like this before or is it even possible?

Thanks in advance!