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    Smart List Error when loading

      My Smartlist is in a loop when I try to access it.  The error message is:

      "This Smartlist has been edited in another window.  Please refresh your browser and try again".  It keeps looping between this message and "loading" message.  

      Also I get the following message:

      "This report could not be loaded.  The details of this error have beeen sent automatically to Marketo. "

      How can I recover my Smartlist?
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          Assuming your list criteria are valid, It might be that the list is timing out before it finishes.  

          When I've had problems running a smart list, I've found that I can often  create a Static List coupled with a Smart Campagin to gather leads using the same critera..

          1. Create a List.
          2. Create a Smart Camapign
          a Smart List--same criteria
          b. Flow:  Add to list name created in step 1
          c. Scheudle: Run once/Run Now.

          It will probably take a while, but you should have less probem opening the static list than generating a smart list.

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            Hi Linda,
            That is actually a bug with your Marketo instance. We had the same thing happen to us. You'll need to open a ticket with support.