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Importing to a List - Does Marekto Truely Dedupe?

Question asked by 19799 on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by 19799
I recently set up a small Nurture Campaign for our sales team where to be added to the stream you must be added to a specific list.  To kick off the Nurture Camaign I had them give me lists of people they wanted to have added.  I compiled them all into a list and imported..Assuming Marketo would automatically dedupe based on emails like any automation engine would.

However, what I discovered was that while Marketo did not create two records for the people who were on the list twice, they did get added to the list twice! Is this supposed to happen?

It resulted in the people who were on the list twice sneaking by a two week wait step rule and going directly to the second campaign because on on the Master for the campaign that lead was already part of the Campaign for Email 1 thus the Master sent them to the Campaign for Email 2.

I will definitely make sure to manually dedupe going forward but would love an explanation as to why two emails can get added to the same list.