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Progressive profiling, what should we consider before implementing?

Question asked by 15470 on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by 15470
We've been working in Marketo for ~12months and are beginning to consider using progressive profiling. I've read the 'How To' Community Articles, but I'd like to understand if anyone who currently is using progressive profiling can share:
  •           How did you go about implementing progressive profiling? Was it an all or nothing approach or did you "test" with a couple forms first?
  •           Were there any gotcha's or major Ah-Ha's after you began using PP?
  •           Did you see the expected results, ie increase in downloads?
  •           Did you see an improvement in the quality of the information that you were receiving from the PP form fill out?
  •           Any other suggestions or best practices around implementing PP that we should take into consideration?