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    Creating a Menu for Multiple Webinars

           Hey Marketo Community!

           We are currently scheduling a LOT of customer training webinars.  I would love to be able to create one single page with one single form that contains a dropdown list of all the possible times that a customer could sign up for a training session and select that one.

           Right now, the only way I can think of accomplishing this is cloning a webinar signup program and linking them all from one central page. Not ideal since we're going to have dozens of these.

           Our customer webinars currently go through WebEx, but we also have a GoTo license we use for our inbound webinars if that changes anything.

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          Josh Hill
          Hi Justin,

          I would go with GTW, but that's just me.

          You can definitely do the first paragraph and have a single page. I created something similar to this article


               and it worked quite well. I recommend cloning the webinars from a master program template and doing so about once a month because you'll have to update the main reg flows and page to run it.

               Until Marketo sets up recurring webinar integration with GTW, that's about the best solution I've seen.

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            If you're using tokens smartly you won't have much problem cloning a single webinar campaign for each presentation. Then on a single registration page you can have people select which webinars to attend. Then in the flow step you'll need to use "Request Campaign" to change the status to registered. Last time I checked you can't have multiple change status in progression stages in a single flow step.
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              Benjamin Lillie
              Hi Justin, we've set this up by having a master landing page with links to each webinar landing page and then create each webinar program seperately. By using tokens, you can easily clone the program and then just remove the link from the master landing page once an event has occured and deactivate that landing page for the specfic event. It also allows for the 1:1 integration with WebEx and the Event Program.