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When will Ready Talk and Marketo be fully integrated?

Question asked by 8d2968c124ed384ff796509959de01ed7fb33eb9 on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by 24d7a935802c064e78e21a33923dbb665c75e246
We have noticed that a webinar promoted entirely through Marketo (including reminders) had a noticeably higher No show rate compared to Webinars promoted using the ReadyTalk reminders.

With ReadyTalk, our registered clients receive a unique URL in their outlook iCal reminder as well as the reminder email sent the day before the Webinar.

I understand that Ready Talk and Marketo integration is in process but the unique join URL and iCal are issues that have not been resolved. We need this unique URL to also populate in our reminders and outlook iCal reminders that are dispatched through Marketo -- Please advise is if the issue with Unique URLs with Marketo is being looked into and when this is expected to be resolved. I understand from ReadyTalk that this issue has been in planning for some time now.

Thank you and look forward to your response.