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    Form Pre-Populated through Email

      Hi Guys,

      Does anyone has the same scenario as me?

      there is a email has a hyperlink to my sign-up page which have a form on it.

      if i am a receiver for this email, it's mean to i am a lead for database, then my information like firstname, lastname,emailaddress would be prefill to that form.

      i use JQuery to get the value from URL:

      http://info.marketo.com/test.html?FirstName={{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}&LastName={{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}&Company={{company.Company Name:default=edit me}}&Email={{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}

      But i happend to a problem, if customer's first name like "Ben Rose", the copy of text version email will only make the link before Rose to linked, i lose the rest one, how can i figure it out?

      I have no any idea at all.