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Form Pre-Populated through Email

Question asked by 41294 on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by 26770
Hi Guys,

Does anyone has the same scenario as me?

there is a email has a hyperlink to my sign-up page which have a form on it.

if i am a receiver for this email, it's mean to i am a lead for database, then my information like firstname, lastname,emailaddress would be prefill to that form.

i use JQuery to get the value from URL:

Example:{{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}&LastName={{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}&Company={{company.Company Name:default=edit me}}&Email={{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}

But i happend to a problem, if customer's first name like "Ben Rose", the copy of text version email will only make the link before Rose to linked, i lose the rest one, how can i figure it out?

I have no any idea at all.