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Setting up smart campaign for dynamic email content

Question asked by 19520 on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by 0383e9222014b68000875b8a74c0d3794150ff37
I have created a segment called ‘Target List’ – the segmentations being a different set of leads to be sent a different version of the email. I.e. Segmentations are 1) Customer 2) Tradeshow attendees (specific tradeshow) 3) Purchased marketing leads.
I have created the dynamic content for each of the segmentations and am ready to send the email. However I’m not sure of how to set up the smart list for the smart campaign to send the email. Do I do 3 separate smart campaigns with each smart list as each of those target lists (but this defies the point of having the segmentation) or do I combine all leads from each 3 lists into one master list in excel then re-upload as a static list and send once to all of those – and the segmentation will ensure that each lead gets the right dynamic content?
The confusion has been caused by the fact that the segmentations are the target lists…