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    Smart list logic doesn't seem to be working on data value change

      Hi! Hoping my Marketo friends can help me wit this one, as I've stumped myself.

      We have a smart campaign designed to sync leads to a campaign in SFDC only if they have filled out a specific form on a specific page with a specific answer to a standard question. (Specific, yes? ;-) The challenge is that we are getting about 20% of people who have never filled out the form (their activity field shows that they haven't) and yet are getting synched anyway.

      The question "in question" is "I have a project" = true/false (this is a custom field we built that is used by multiple Marketo users on various forms). I have my smart campaign set up so that the smart list is:

      Trigger: Fills out form "ABC Form" w/ constraint "On web page XYZ web page"
      Trigger: Data value changes - Attribute = "Have Project" - New Value = "True"

      Then the flow is to Add Lead to SFDC Campaign - Campaign = "Campaign 123"

      The smart list logic is set to use all filters. So if the logic is right, they should only be synched to that SFDC campaign if their data value changes to true AND they filled out that form. Yet, we have leads who are being synched to that SFDC campaign who did answer that question as true on OTHER forms on OTHER pages. What am I missing?