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    SyncMultipleLeads to LeadLists

      Hi there,

      I am trying to set up a batch lead import to a leadlist (using the .net framework). I was able to import the leads during the import, but I wasn't able to figure out a way to import the leads to a leadlist automatically.

      Is there a way to set the list key using ParamsSyncMultipleLeads? The only members of the ParamsSyncMultipleLeads class are a list of leadRecords, dedupEnabled and dedupEnabledSelector. Not sure how to set the LeadList for the import. 

      Thank you!
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          By Lead List do you mean a Static List in Marketo? I'd look at the importToList call which is designed to add to a list and import in one call.
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            Sorry, I meant static list.

            I created a static list called "zzTestSai" in my instance. I am able to get the leads in the static list using ParamsGetMultipleLeads and using the static list name as the StaticListSelector. 

            However, when I set the "zzTestSai" listName for the ImportToList call, I get a response saying that the lead list is not found. 

            Is there another way I can set the list name? 

            The code that I am using is below for any reference:

                             Marketo_WS_2_0.ParamsImportToList import = new Marketo_WS_2_0.ParamsImportToList();
                             import.listName = "zzTestSai";
                             import.importFileHeader = data_headers;
                             import.importFileRows = data.ToArray();
                             import.programName = "zzTestSaiProgram";

                                  Marketo_WS_2_0.SuccessImportToList response = new Marketo_WS_2_0.SuccessImportToList();
                                      response = client.importToList(ws_header, import);
                                      results = "";
                                  catch (Exception e)
                                      results = e.Message;

            Thank you. 
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              Hmm, it seems like this should work. I'd recommend reaching out to support so they can diagnose the specific call and what is happening.