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    How long for email to send?

      I just pushed my first e-mail in Marketo. I set it to run once and received a may take several minutes to send message. It's been 20+ minutes. The send e-mail campaign light bulb is still greyed out, and I haven't received the email (I'm on the list of recipients). I'm wondering how long I should wait before being concerned that it didn't send for some reason? Is there a way to check if its sent?
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          Kenneth Elkington
          Hey April, if you still haven't received an email, there are a few things you should check out.  First, check in the top left corner of your Marketo instance.  There may be an icon indicating any available notifications documenting errors in smart lists/campaigns which would have caused emails to misfire or not send at all.  Next, click on the smart campaign, and open the tab "Run History."  This should show whether the run that you did completed, and how many leads qualified for the email.  And third check the results tab.  This should show to whom the email was sent.

          Also depending on the content of the email, particularly if it was just a test, your email may have gotten caught up in a spam filter.  Hope that helps.
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            Thank you. It shows that it sent at 1:54, but although I am on the list and checked my info to make sure it's correct, I still have not received it (not in spam folder). Hopefully it will come through.