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    Stream Cadence

      Is there any way to set the start of an engagement stream cadence by a trigger rather than having to wait for the next cast? i.e. If we have a stream running every week at 10am on Tuesdays and someone is added to the engagement program at 10:30am on that same day, do they have to wait until the following week to get the first email?
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          They will have to wait till the next cast (Tuesday in your case) to get the first nurture email.
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            If it was a welcome email or something that you wanted to go out right away, you could make a smart campaign to do this when they get added to the nurture, like in the flow say add to stream -- and send email --.

            This does mean though that there's a chance of two emails in a row if they went through that smart campaign on Tuesday at 6am and then the cast goes out at 10am (unless you have communicaiton limits set).