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    Managing Unsubscribe and Subscriptions

      I’ve built an unsubscribe landing page using the JavaScript/jQuery codes made available from the Marketo webinar, “Don't Let Them Unsubscribe (Subscription Management).” The codes work as designed however I’d like to add one additional step.
      As it stands, once the “Unsubscribe me from all emails” is toggled, all the emails options listed are checked as unsubscribe (per the code). However, if a lead checks “Unsubscribe me from all emails” and then decides otherwise and unchecks that field it does not automatically uncheck the email options. This can result in confusion and leads unsubscribing from “all” emails when perhaps that is not their intention.
      One option I found is to add some custom script so that when the “Unsubscribe me from all emails” box is checked and then unchecked it also unchecks the email options. Before I go to the expense of having that code developed, has anyone found a work-around for this problem?