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    Creating a button in an email?

      I want to create a "Click Here" button to include in my emails. My template has already been created, is it possible to add a button to the email and how do I got about this?

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          The way i do this is by creating a button (however you want to i.e. photoshop etc) and then load it in design studio. Then go and edit your email and then drag the "image/file" button on the right hand side in the edit mode to wherever you want the image in the email draft. This will open up your images from design studio and then all you have to do is find and select your image you want to add (in your case "click here" button). 

          You might have to re-adjust image size and all in the html tab afterwords though. 

          I hope this helps. 
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            Hi Emma,

            I just create a new image in Photoshop to look like a button, then insert it as an image in my email and hyperlink it. Alternatively, you can buy one that's already made for you - try www.istockphoto.com

            Hope that helps.

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              If you want a non-image button, you can create an HTML section with the color background and your choice of wording.  It won't be as ornate as a proper image but every prospect will see it