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    Use of Email Templates

      Currently we do not utilize email templates in Marketo, the designer will create the email in dreamweaver and then upload the email adn from there we just clone that email for use in the future.  What are the pros and cons of using a email template?  Anyone know of any good help articles?

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          If you have a general email strucutre and want it to be easy for someone who doesn't use Dreamweaver to change some of the text, templates are great. Often it makes it faster and easier to send out emails.

          If that doesn't come up often, what you're doing is probably fine.

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            Erik's right, if you have it as part of your workflow (and budget) for a designer to do unique emails each time, then there is no point in doing templates. However, if you'd like to free up your designer to work on other things and let less technical Marketo users create and edit emails as well, creating well-built templates would be a great idea.