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    Testing Dynamic Landing Pages

      Is there a way to test dynamic landing pages?  We are sending out 4 different emails with a link to the same dynamic demo request page and I want to ensure the correct landing page is appearing when clicked from the associated email.  Everytime I test, the same demo request page appears, regardless of the email i'm clicking from.

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          You'll need to create a testing lead for each of the segments driving your dynamic content.  Then send the test email to each different test lead.  Then before clicking the link in each email, clear your marketo cookie.
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            Thanks Elliot!  I have already created the testing lead for each segment.  How do I clear my Marketo cookie?
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              Slightly different way of doing this depending on your browser. 
              •           In Firefox, choose Tools | Options | Privacy and click remove individual cookies. 
              •           In Chrome, choose Settings | Advanced Settings | All cookies and site data...

              Then find the Site that corresponds to your landing page and delete at least the _mkto_trk Cookie.
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