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New Idea is "Done!": Create Section in "My Profile" to track my Discussions/Ideas

Question asked by 429a3b00c04df8e5ab80b97b236aaa7a14e3374e on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by 429a3b00c04df8e5ab80b97b236aaa7a14e3374e
We are excited to announce that you now have more granularity in the "Recent Activity" drop down menu in your community profile. This enables you to easily keep track of ideas you've created, commented on and liked, as well as discussions you've started and replied to. We even added subscribed discussions to the list. 

Congratulations to Caleb T from Lawlogix for having his idea become a new feature, and to the several other people that contributed a similar idea. You can view the original idea thread here

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