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Analytics report subscription conversion data not the same as campaign report for same landing page

Question asked by 3c095157c783c15a694c7c4b1471a956ba3e1d3b on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by Edward Masson

     I set up a daily report to be sent showing clicks and conversions (conversions being white paper download) on a white paper attached to a banner ad. I also placed it in a campaign and with my Marketo consultant set up a conversions report in the campaign for the same landing page (conversions being white paper download).

     The subscription report shows 16 conversions. The banner ad report shows 2. The white paper landing page is not currently accessible anywhere other than through the banner ad. Why is there a discrepancy conversion reporting and how do I get the names of the 16 conversions from the subscription report (thought that was the purpose of setting up the campaign)?