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    Tying Unique Email Links back to an Individual in MKTO

      When you send a Marketo email, each link is dynamically adjusted to include a unique "decoration" tracking script that identifies the individual, the email and the link within the email.

      I'd LOVE to know is if there is a way in Marketo to identify the individual person who is the "owner" of a specific unique URL.

      The use case is this - we sent an email campaign and then in Google Analytics, we see that this email had a very high proportion of sharing -- because these unique URLs have hundreds of "unique visitors" which means 1 person received the email and then forwarded it around causing lots of other people to click their unique URL. We'd love to know who the individual was that forwarded the email - what company they are from.

      Anyone know how to do this? Is there any element of the email URL that stays consistent to the lead record profile in Marketo that makes it searchable?

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          Amber, I suspect you'd need to have PURLs enabled to do this.  Perhaps an employee can confirm.
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            If the initial recipient forwarded the email via an email client (not the Marketo Forward to Friend link) then you might be able to track down who received the original email by the number of times the "Click Email" activity occurred.  Since that email was sent to that particular lead and the tracking information was specific to them, anyone he/she shared the email with would show up as activity under his/her lead record.  The number of unique visitors to a certain unique URL should be relatively close to the number of activities in this lead's Activity Log.

            A Smart List looking for the number of times that specific email link was clicked with a constraint of "min. number of times" (which I'd set a bit below what Google Analytics says it might be, just in case) should help narrow down who's link was being used.

            If the initial recipient did use the Marketo Forward to Friend link...that complicates tracing it back a little.  I'll look into this tonight and see what I can discover.

            - Jesse