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Lead in 1 engagement program only Switching programs

Question asked by 26770 on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by 47474
I want our leads (or contacts) to be in only 1 engagement program. I have 2 generic programs, 4 solutions programs, and I will have dozens of industry specific programs. The moment we know someone is in Road Logistics they will initially be manually added to the road logistics program (via Salesforce). But at the same time the current engagement program (might be a generic or solutions program) should stop immediately.

Details: Smart trigger is activated via SF MSI. The flow should not only add to the engagement program, but also change cadence for any other engagement program the lead is a member of.


I don’t want to list all my programs in each flow step. It will become a nightmare at some point. What would be a smarter way to do this? Or should the we be able to select: member of engagement program, program IS ANY. If so, change cadence to paused.