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    Lead in 1 engagement program only Switching programs

      I want our leads (or contacts) to be in only 1 engagement program. I have 2 generic programs, 4 solutions programs, and I will have dozens of industry specific programs. The moment we know someone is in Road Logistics they will initially be manually added to the road logistics program (via Salesforce). But at the same time the current engagement program (might be a generic or solutions program) should stop immediately.

      Details: Smart trigger is activated via SF MSI. The flow should not only add to the engagement program, but also change cadence for any other engagement program the lead is a member of.


      I don’t want to list all my programs in each flow step. It will become a nightmare at some point. What would be a smarter way to do this? Or should the we be able to select: member of engagement program, program IS ANY. If so, change cadence to paused.

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          Hi Diederik, 

          The engagement engine is still pretty new so Marketo might have some alternative options, but here's what i might do:
          •           Add a filter to the smart list of your smart campaign for Road Logistics that says "member of engagement program is any = false".
          •           Clone that smart campaign, and add the same filter to the smart list, but that says "member of engagement program is any = true"
          •           In the flow of the smart campaign from the previous bullet, make your first filter "change program cadence (add all your programs) > change value to paused" 
          I think that should work for your immediate problem, but in the long run i might consider using custom fields and master smart campaigns to build an automated process for this.

          Hope this helps!
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            Although I'm thinking about you always stay member (else loss of stats).
            So criteria could be like :
            - Member of engagement programs is false, or
            - Member of engagement programs is true and constraint is cadence is pauzed.


            However in the flow, you would still have to list all your engagement programs.
            This list needs to be maintained in all programs.
            Something I was hoping to avoid.


            P.s. I hope Marketo comes with an automated way of setting the amount of engagement programs someone could be in. We don't want to start building traffic cops again ;-)
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              So my solution would be to create a campaign with smartlist (campaign is requested), and a flow step that pauzes all engagement programs, and call it (pauze all engagement programs).

              If you need to add a leads to an engagement program, in the flow first call the pauze all engagement programs campaign, and second flow step is to add the lead to the new engagement programs
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                Diederik, does your solution mean that leads are added to and then paused in engagement programs they never needed to be added to in the same place? For example, to be moved from Program A to Program C is the end result paused in Program A, paused in Program B and normal in Program C?

                If so, what do you do if you want to pause them temporarily in their active program (like to send out a research report on its release date for example)? How do you reactivate them in it without reactivating the lead in the other paused programs (the ones you don't want them in)?

                I've literally been trying to figure this out for 3-4 months so any insight you can offer is appreciated!
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                  Hi Cheryl, When someone is member of program A and switches to C, it will pause A only (not B), before being added to C. I do this by using "if member of program A -> pause program A, if mem......". When you re-add someone ba ck from C to A. It will pause A and C, where A was already on pause. After that I will add someone in A, where is already member, but there's an additional step after that that always sets the cadence to normal as double check.
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                    Thanks Diederik. Forgive me if I am being dense, but I can't figure out how to do that. The screenshot below shows my best guess but it does not allow me to specify if member of [specific] engagement program. In my experience the second flow shown here really means "if memeber of any engagement program, change X program cadence to paused" which then ends up added people to that program and pausing them. What am I missing?

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                      Hi Cheryl, I use "was added to engagement program".