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    Lead sorting

      I need to create a report that Lets me sort my leads by the number of campaigns they have participated in. Put another way I want to see if the people who open the e-mails are the same ones each time or if we are getting different people each time.
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          Are your programs synced to SFDC campaigns? If so, I could tell you how to do this with a campaign member report.
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            They are linked to SFDC.
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              Okay, so run a campaigns with members report in SFDC. Set the parameters for the programs you want to analyze. There's a sample of some things you might filter for in the screenshot below. Make it a summary report and summarize by Lead/Contact ID. Now the report will show you, by lead, what programs/campaigns they are in that meet your criteria.

              Next, create a formula field. In this example I've called it "Number of Email Responses." Make this field equal to the row count. Now you have the number of campaigns/programs by lead. I've chosen to hide the details in this screenshot, but if they were expanded you'd see the specific campaign names to which they responded.

              This information at-a-glance will probably answer your question, but you could also calculate the average number of responses per lead. Export the printable view to Excel. Divide the number of total responses by the number of rows (leads).