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How can the cookie or prefill be lost after a form fill out?

Question asked by Rafael Santoni Expert on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2013 by Rafael Santoni
I can't find documentation that would help me figure out why all of the sudden I am having this problem.

All my existing pages are working as expected. Forms get submitted, if the user comes back to a Marketo page with a new form, it will be pre-filled like it should. Now I am working on a new set of pages with a new template and no matter what I do, once a form is submitted using the new form object and template, the cookies to not get preserved and pre-fill does not work.

Please don't point me to the article that talk about how to set or get cookies. I am not looking at doing anything custom. The native functionality is not working (pre-fill) even though the subsequent pages are set to use pre-fill.

The new pages are NOT setting the cookie when the form is submitted.

I am a decent JavaScript developer. I have created many custom behaviors in Marketo form without breaking the standard functionality. Feel free to go technical if anyone has any good ideas on what I might be missing. I have debugged the code for hours and I can't find anything broken or missing.

Like I said, I am using a standard Marketo template without modifying it too much and it still doesn't work. The template must be missing something really basic.