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    Managing Two Domains

      Anyone out there have two domains set up in Marketo?

      When we first launched our client's instance of Marketo, we set up go.product1.com as the domain/CNAME. We're launching a new campaign tomorrow and want to set up go.product2.com as an additional domain.

      If we already have a landing page built with the URL "go.product1.com/page_abc" set up, and we complete the setup for the second URL, hypothetically, if I type "go.product2.com/page_abc" in a browser window, the page should show up. Correct?

      Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!
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          Jep Castelein
          Just keep in mind that people who are "cookied" for one domain will not be cookied for the second domain until they fill out a form on that domain (or click a link in a Marketo email that goes to a web page on that domain). From that moment on, they will be tracked on both domains. 

          Also, there is only one primary CNAME, the others are aliases. That CNAME will show be shown when you look at the landing page in the Marketo user interface. Also, if you drag images into emails or landing pages, those images will be hosted on the primary domain. You can manually change the URLs, but the CNAME will always be put in as default.