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    Cloud Startup Seeking a Demand Gen/Marketo Manager

      SaaS Markets, recently voted one of the Hottest Cloud Startups, is looking for a rockstar technical marketer to join our growing team.  If you know of anyone that may be a good fit, please contact me asap at heidi@saasmarkets.com.

      The position is also posted on LinkedIn here:

      The responsibilities of the job include, but are not limited to:

      •           Plan, execute, and optimize direct email campaigns for SaaS Markets, Appclick, and third-party brands.
      •           Administer all instances of Marketo on behalf of the marketing team, and cross-train other employees on the system as may be required.
      •           Act as Salesforce administrator on behalf of the marketing team and the organization, as needed.
      •           Analyze results of direct mail campaigns and prepare reports and presentations to senior management.
      •           Manage target lists and smart-lists to maximize effectiveness of campaigns
      •           Stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices related to marketing automation systems in general and Marketo specifically.
      •           Working closely with the management team and/or project manager, drive the implementation of marketing lead capture mechanisms (e.g., Marketo forms) on corporate (saasmarkets.com) and all MarketMaker websites.
      •           Manage the lead capture process and follow-up email campaigns for all SaaS Markets events.
      •           Assist with other direct B2B marketing programs, as may be required, in order to help meet corporate goals and objectives.
      Thank you.