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    Editing Landing Page Templates

      What are the implications, if any, of editing landing page templates that are already being used by several landing pages (that are also part of complex campaigns)?  Do those existing pages automatically update with the updated template, or does any action need to be taken? If the template is edited can any loss of data or complications with the campaign occur?

      We have several templates that we need to update and I want to verify that any existing pages using those templates aren't impacted.

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          Kenneth Elkington
          Hey Tal,

          When you update a template and approve it, any pages already using that template will get unapproved drafts attached to them.  The live approved versions of the landing pages will not update to the new template until those drafts are approved.  However, I do not reccomend editing a template that is currently in use if you don't want to update those pages to the new template.  This can cause confusion in the approval process, and requires any subsequent changes to landing pages using that template to either adopt the new version, or unlink from that template by editing the HTML of those pages individually.  I suggest instead, cloning the template that you want to update, and building the new landing pages on top of that template.  This will avoid any confusion in the approval process, and save you countless headaches if you want to update the old style landing pages without updating the styling.
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            Thanks for the quick response Kenneth!

            We would actually prefer if the old pages did use the updated design.  The updates aren't big and for the most part consist of a change in background color, an update to the logo, and an update to the copyright date in the footer.  That way all of our landing pages look consistent whether they were created a year ago or a week ago.

            Our main concern is that this new draft doesn't impact the campain and the metrics associated with it of that landing page, which includes forms, custom URLs, etc.
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              Kenneth Elkington
              Updating the template won't break any associated campaigns or metrics, as long as the content that you're tracking remains available there.  Just make sure when you do update that template that you preview your drafts and don't break any of your styling, but other than that you're perfectly safe updating the templates and pushing those changes out to existing landing pages.
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                Ok, we'll create some test cases and give it a try.  Thanks again!
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                  Hi Kenneth,

                  Does your advice above also apply to email templates? I have many emails using the same template and now need to change it. If I could do something for all the emails using that template to update automatically, that'd be ideal.

                  If not automatically, then would I have to go an approve each email draft again? Still easier than moving the content from the old template to the new, right? 

                  Many thanks!