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    What skills do I need to run marketo on my own?

      A little background
      I'm a new user to the marketo platform and I'm working at a small software company. We are currently redesigning our website with the help of a demand generation focused agency called Tone out of the UK. Very quickly, I'm realizing that I'm lacking the skills to implement this product into the new website. 

      I would really appreciate any advice or documents that would help me understand how to go about implementing the product into a new website and the necessary skills I need to develop in order to run it on my own.

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          Hey Erik,

          Any area in particular you're feeling stuck? I setup Marketo for a small software company myself a while back (before working here) and may have some advice.

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            The company I work for was already running Marketo for about a year before I joined the team, so I am a new user to Marketo as of January 14th.  I took the webinar training(with a live person teaching) through the university which taught me the basics.  After the training, I  have found that the community is a great resource to learn more.  Just by typing a question or even keywords in the search bar in the community will populate many helpful articles and discussions.  Good luck to you Erik!
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              I don't think you need any specialized skills if you have a lot of patience and are willing to learn. Of course, some technical skills in HTML or design wouldn't hurt. Typically, most companies have an IT department or webmaster that would implement the marketo munchkin into the website. 

              Typically, the installation is similar to installing Google Analytics. Do you even have back-end access to your site?
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                Josh Hill
                You can try out some of my blog posts and the upcoming guide that's coming out later this month:

                I agree that many of the videos and webinars will help. You should start in the area that's most needed at your firm.

                If you just need the munchkin code setup, there are some great docs on that. Basically go to:

                Admin > Munchkin and copy the code that appears.

                Then put that inside your website's page template to always appear in between the <HEAD> tags like Ben mentioned.