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    Bounce Category Numbers

      Can someone write out all the numbers for the email bounced categories?  I want to pull a list of each specific bounce, and I know each category means something (i think 2 is hard bounce email invalid) but I dont know what they are. 

      Thank you
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          Michelle Tiziani
          I have this one which support provided:
          Category 1 is the type of bounce that sets the "Email Suspended" flag

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            Ok thanks. so 1 is soft bounce, email suspended. 2 is hard bounce email invalid
            Seems like there should be a list somewhere of all of them for reference.
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              Josh Hill

                   You can also see more detail here;

                   The Guide is coming out shortly so there's more in it on these topics.

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                Abdallah Al-Hakim
                In case anyone is still looking for the categories defintioins - Here is the official response from Marketo

                 Category 1: Spam
                A receiving email server will return a Category 1 Hard Bounce when it regards the email as spam. Many times, this is a temporary bounce and sending to this server will be possible after 24 hours. When Marketo receives a Category 1 Hard Bounce, it will mark the lead as "Email Suspended". For 24 hours after this marking, Marketo will not send anymore emails to this lead. After 24 hours, sending can continue to this lead without any input from you. 

                Category 2: Does not Exist 
                A receiving email server will return a Category 2 Hard Bounce when the email address being sent to does not exist or is invalid. When Marketo receives this response, it will mark this lead as Email Invalid. No future emails will be sent to this lead unless this value is manually set back to false. 

                Category 3: Technical Issue 
                A receiving server will return Category 3 when they are experiencing some technical issues. No action is taken on our side for these bounces. 
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