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    What is your perspective on Data Services?

           Can you give me a sense of usefulness of the below for your efforts?

           1. Assess Data: a report showing Quality (email deliverability, phone connect ability, duplicates) and Completeness (%tage of values filled in) of the leads in your database 

           2. Clean Data: for each lead in your database append flags for Email (deliverability, spam trap risk, dups), Phone (working/non-working, landline/mobile) and Postal Address (deliverability)

           3. Append Data: improve overall completeness of your leads, by filling in contact (e.g. title, phone, address) and company information (e.g. industry, revenue, employee count)

           4. Get More Data: get additional leads into your database based on criteria specified

           How attractive is each? How would you rank-order these? How attractive would integrating those into Marketo be?

           Thank you in advance,

           - dmitry

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          Appending Data is big for us.  We are currently using the Enrich with Data.com flow action on new leads via form fill, but only about 10% of these are "Enriched", the rest are "Unkown".  It would be nice to have a higher match rate.  Also, we just implemented Data.com Corportate Clean in Salesforce as a single source of the truth for our Account addresses, Industry, Annual Revenue, etc., but 42% of our Accounts aren't matched, so we will have to review and may need to manually change some of the data in the Account record to get a match - hopefully this is a one time pain.  Account data updates would likely not work from Marketo since the Account fields are read-only to Marketo.

          Next would be assesing the data.  I manually compile a database completeness report each quarter, but it would be great if this were automated.  Also, we just submitted our email addresses (as a batch) to StrikeIron to identify invalid addresses.  We identified about 10% of our email addresses that had not been flagged as Invalid by Marketo and another 10% that had been flagged as Invalid, but were valid.  We want to use the StrikeIron API to implement a real-time validation of email addresses during form submissions, but it would be great to have this ability in Marketo.

          Our last priority is to fill lead gaps at target accounts.  This can be done somewhat manually via our Data.com license in Salesforce, but would be nice to have a more robust ability in Marketo that would allow include and exclude keywords in titles.
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            Thank you very much, Elliott!  This is incredubly insightful.

            - dmitry
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              Good list.  

              A 5th that I would add is the actual value the data adds in terms of time saved or additional leads converted or qualified.  All the clean accurate data in the world means nothing if it cannot be applied to anything.  Interested in hearing how others measure the return on data.