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    Lead Routing by Scoring: How to Pause?

      If I want to route leads with scores higher than 40 to sales and create tasks, that's easy, but what if I want to pause the routing after the initial push to sales until they reach the score of 60? And then again until they reach 100? What does my flow need to look like? Do I need to create multiple routing campaigns based on the different score thresholds?

      There's gotta be an easy way everyone's doing this, but I can't figure it out on my own. This is probably something we should have done in our implementation, but I'm just now getting around to correcting it.
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          Josh Hill
          What do you mean by "pause after initial push to sales"?

          Do you mean pausing the scoring? 

          The routing should end once the lead reaches sales. If you meant the next step or a new task at 60 points or 100 pts, then that's pretty easy to do.
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            Hi Marcie,

            I would have to see your configuration to understand what you mean by "pausing the routing"... seems like you could just have 3 triggers:
            1.           Score changed: New score at least 40, previous score at most 39
            2.           Score changed: New score at least 60, previous score at most 59
            3.           Score changed: New score at least 100, previous score at most 99

                 Campaign would only trigger if the lead CROSSED a particular threshold, not if their score changes and exceeds 40.

                 I'm confident I can help, but might need more information if the above doesn't solve it for you. Let me know if you have more info!

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              Dan, I think those triggers make sense, but - another dumb question - how do you get the option to select the previous score? I don't see it as one of my constraints, and it's not a separate trigger, right? I do think what you're talking about would solve my question though!

              Josh, what are the most common qualification rules for routing? I don't think every time is the right answer, and only once wouldn't make sense either, in case a lead shows some signs of disinterest but pops back up as engaged later. If I want to keep scoring them but not create another task until 60/100 points, do I need to make them qualify for the Route at 40 campaign only once?

              Thanks, guys!
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                Hi Marcie,

                Sorry, previous value is not available with the "score changed" trigger... instead use "data value changed" and you'll have "previous value" available as a constraint.

                As to "routing", it depends on your definition, but basically once a lead is assigned a lead owner, running a sync step at 60 and 100 won't necessarily change anything. You would have to run a "Change owner" step if you needed Marketo to "reroute" leads with 60 or 100 pts. Using the triggers I mentioned, your flow could be something like:

                - If lead score 40-59, change owner to A
                - If lead score 60-99, change owner to B
                - If lead score 100+, change owner to C

                Depending on everything you need to happen at 40, 60, and 100 pts, you might be able to pull it off with multiple triggers and the constraints I laid out above, but you might have to split the campaigns up, again depending on details I may not know about. You're correct that if a lead shows initial interest, and then backs off for awhile, when they come back you want to know about it, based on whatever criteria you decide to use as a threshold. 40, 60, and 100 pt thresholds are one way to do it. Another way is when the lead hits 40, and a sales rep decides they're not ready yet, you could decrement their score down to 10 or 20, and when they hit 40 again, you alert sales again. LOTS of ways to do it.

                Hope that helps!
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                  Thanks! I think all of that makes sense to me!