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    Adding members to a drip campaign

      What is the best way to add new members to a drip campaign?

      I run a content syndication program and every 2 days or so I get new names to add to the drip campaigns (I have 3 tracks for 3 different job titles/roles).

      What should the smart list be for each one of the drip campaigns?
      I have the three drip nurtures set up in three different folders within the content syndication program.

      Thank you.
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          Do the new names fill out a form to get the content in your content dyndication programs? If so you can have a filter of "filled out form" and put the name of the form. 
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            Itay Billet
            You can also use "Campaign is requested" and "Request Campaign", for example:

            Campaign 1: Trigger - Data Value Changes: Syndication Program  (field that I just made up)
                                     Flow -  Request Campaign:
                                     Choice 1: Syndication Program is 1 - "Campaign Synd 1"
                                     Choice 2: Syndication Program is 2 - "Campaign Synd 2"
                                     Choice 3: Syndication Program is 3 - "Campaign Synd 3"
            This trigger is tied to a field change, you can use it to form fillout also.
            Campaign Synd 1, 2 and 3 are your drip campaigns

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              If the leads do not have to fill out a form and you don't want to go the custom field route as Itay described, another option is to use static lists.

              Create 3 static lists, one for each of the syndication programs.

              Each time you get new leads to add, upload them to the appropriate static list.

              In the smart list for each drip, add a trigger that says "added to list = List Name".
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                Thanks everyone!

                I'd like to add to the drip nurture also leads coming in via website (thus, completing a form).

                Can I have the main nurture set as a batch campaign (part of a Nurture Program) and then create another campaign for the website form fill outs as follows?

                Drip 1 Campaign:
                Smart List: Title contains x (to be role specific) (exclude competitors, partners and customers)
                Flow: Send email 1, wait, send email 2, wait, send email 3 etc...

                Download Content On the Web Program:
                Smart List: Fills out form (trigger):
                                  Member of Program (filter): Program is not (the main drip program since I want to exclude people who I already have in the database and am nurturing
                Flow: Request campaign: Drip 1 Campaign

                Do you suggest setting it up this way?