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    Blocking leads from embargoed countries...

      Is there a way to completely prevent a lead from synching to SFDC.

      I'm moving leads from embargoed countries to a specific partion and then applying appropriate flags for blacklisting, unsubbing, etc. but I'm curious if there is a way to block a SFDC synch - for instance if they filled in a form that made them part of a progression, they would synch over.

      Any ideas appreciated.
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          We have a "traffic cop" in place for similar scenario. It's a smart campaign which basically allows the lead to be synched over to SFDC then deletes it right away. We have elected to have the record remain on the marketo side for tracking, etc. 
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            Josh Hill
            I like Janet's approach. You'll need to modify your inbound lead processor to filter out "Embargoed Leads" and then either move them to a partition or sequester them by setting them to a Suppression List that is never synced.

            To never sync, you will need to do 2 things:
            1. Always suppress these leads from joining a program.
            2. Setup a central lead sync processor that excludes these leads. 

            Those 2 items working together will prevent any erroneous leads.

            You can also add a third campaign as Janet describes to find Embargoed Leads in SFDC and then Delete in CRM only.