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    Marketo landing page iframed inaddition using several URLs



           We have a Marketo landing page included with a form iframed into our corporate website. I'm using several unique URLs from the URL builder in order to track traffic and lead source. I would like to know what is the best way to pass information that's being collected from the form to an iframed lading page and using the URL builder with several URL's to?


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          I'm not sure that I completely understand your question, but we too display iframed Marketo LPs with a form in our corporate website.  We call the LP from the page using a querystring parameter that effectively tells us what page they were on / what they are requesting and we then have programs with smart campaigns that have a fills out form trigger with a constraint for that query string parameter.  Thn the flow sends the appropriate confirmation, email, etc.  Hope that answers your question.
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            Hi Elliot,
            Thank you for repsonding!! Below I have URL's created by the URL builder.  These links will be placed into the following; Newsletter, Linkedin, and our Blog post.   The URL's below are based from this URL "http://info.scivantage.com/INV_Commercial_Investor_Video.html" as our main URL which will be iframed into our corporate website.  My question is, if this main URL / Landing Page lives (as an iframe) inside our Corporate Website the URL for our Corporate website that contains this iframed URL would be for example; "http://www.scivantage.com/iFrameTemplate.php". 
            1. Would we still use the URL's created by the URL builder and stil get directed to our corporate website?
            2. What is the code that identifies where a person came from regarding a specific landing page?
            3. The querystring parameter that you've mentioned where does this information reside? On our corporate website? Within the marketo landing page?  Can you please provide me with it?
            4. Is there any documentation you can provide  to help me better understand how this works?
            5. Can you provide a written example of how Marketo does this?
            I greatly appreciate any help on this.