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    Access to raw data for Urgency & Relative Score?

           Is the raw data used to generate flames and stars avaialble without using Sales Insight?  Our implementation does not use Salesforce or Microsoft Dyanamics CRM, but if the raw data is available, it might still be useful.

           I can see the fields listed in our Field Management section under Admin, but don't have access to them through either Fitlers or in the fields that can be included in list views.  I imagine this is by design, but thought I'd check the community on the chance that someone is using the raw data without a CRM system.

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          Josh Hill
          You can see this in a lead's activity history, but generally I haven't been able to get into it.

          The data is created as long as you have lead scoring setup - as far as I can tell-- and doesn't inherently need SI to be active in SFDC.

          But that data won't drive stars and flames unless you have SFDC MSI installed.

          You could probably recreate it using some sort of formula field.