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    Last Touch Attribution

      How is everyone handling tracking multiple touches for a single lead?

      I want to have every form submitted by a lead come over to Salesforce as a new lead where our inside team will then qualify that lead.

           We want to track the Lead source every time some interacts with us.  IF they respond to an email campaign then they respond to a PPC campaign. Only one of these will be turned into an opportunity in Salesforce but both should be sent as leads to Salesforce.

           How do we keep track that they responded to two different campaigns???  How do we ensure that the one they responded to and turns into an opportunity is the one that is recorded???

           I want to be sure to give credit to the right program so I want the Lead source to be updated with the latest form submission 

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          Hi Tim -

          At SmartBear we use Salesforce campaigns to track every conversion event and all our reporting is done on campaign members. So if lead downloads trial A they are added to campaign A. If they download eBook B they get added to campaign B.

          What you need is either manually or using automation to flag the primary campaign on the Opportunity. Also it is ideal if every lead that is part of the opportunity process is added to Opportunity Contact Roles on the Opportunity object in Salesforce - Sales will have to do this part.

          Simply the last campaign (based on associated date) that is prior to opportunity created date in Salesforce can be considered the last touch prior to influence. Not an exact science but close.


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            Tim, I'd strongly discourage you from creating these as two unique leads in Salesforce and/or Marketo.  There are other, better approaches to ensuring the Sales team follows up on every inquiry, and they wil make attribution far easier.  

            For example, you can create a Sales Alert for every new inquiry, and train your team to respond to every Sales Alert.  You can set Revenue Stages for leads, allow the Sales team to recycle leads back to marketing, and then send them to Sales when they make a second inquiry.  Each time they go to Sales, you can set an SLA on either contacting the lead or rejecting it.

            Creating two unique leads handicaps much of the Marketo functionality that allows you to gain visibility and ultimately understand the more complicated levels of attribution on leads in the future.  It also limits your ability to intelligently nurture leads with emails.
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                   I don't want to create two separate leads in Marketo.  I want to create multiple leads in Salesforce based on the activities of a single lead in Marketo.

                   I think the confusion comes about due to terminology: every record in Marketo is a lead; in Salesforce a lead object is only one type of record (contacts, opportunities, company, etc.)

                   I only want one lead in Marketo – but how do I gain the visibility you mention when I can't track the different lead sources?

                   Here's the scenario:

                   User visits a PPC landing page and submits a form.  This creates a new record in Marketo and sets the Lead Source to: PPC.

                   That Lead is synched over to Salesforce but it doesn't turn into an opportunity.

                   That same user then responds to an email campaign and submits a form on the website.  This should update the record in Marketo and set the Lead Source to: Email.

                   This should also create a new lead in Salesforce that is ready to be qualified and turned into an opportunity.  That opportunity is then attributed to the Email campaign.

                   Right now, it does'nt appear that a new lead is created in Salesforce the 2nd time someone comes around AND the Lead Source doesn't get updated.

                   How then do we create a Lead to be qualified and converted to an opportuntiy and how do attribute that opportunity to the campaign that drove it versus the original lead source?

                   I know I must be missing something - but no one has been able to provide clear guidance on how this works.



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                Thanks for your reply.  

                Your solution sounds feasible.  I thought that this would be more automated using Marketo.

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                  I'm still confused by you wanting to create two lead records in Salesforce.  

                  When the lead responds to an email campaign, right now its updating the first lead record in both Marketo and Salesforce.

                  If the Lead Source doesn't get updated, you might check the settings on the field: it may be blocking updates.  When updates are blocked, the lead source effectively becomes your first touch.  

                  More info here:

                  If you aren't committed to last touch attribution, you can create Marketo Programs for each source of leads (email/landing page/form combination, PPC landing page, etc.) and sync these to Salesforce Campaigns.  You can then use Campaign Influence to see overall value of each Program.
                  More info: http://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/campaigns_influence_intro.htm

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                    Tim, what do you do with the lead in SFDC if it doesn't turn into an Opportunity, do you delete it in SFDC, but leave it in Marketo or delete it in both databases?  Either way is not the best approach as noted by the others here.

                    if you have Marketo's Revenue Cycle Exporer, you can run reports that show first touch attribution and multi-touch attribution, but not last touch attribution. 

                    You could report on last touch attribution by adding a field to the Marketo lead record where you would update the value to the latest SFDC Campaign ID (or campaign name) whenever a lead responded to a campaign as long as the lead did not have an Opportunity.  Once they have an Opportunity, you would not update this field.  Then you could run a report on those leads with Opportunities (open, closed lost, closed won, etc.) and see the last touch campaign attribution. 
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                      Tim -

                      You can automate a lot of the use of SFDC campaigns using Marketo. There is a flow step in Marketo campaigns that allows you to add a lead to a SFDC campaign. So based on the form or landing page you can start routing leads to various salesforce campaigns. The manual part is the setup of the Salesforce campaigns.

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                        Michelle McCabe
                        Prashant - 

                        Would you be able to provide a screenshot/some insight on how you automated the flag on the primary campaign field on the Opportunity? We are looking to do this as well to track last touch attribution, but I thought our Sales reps would have to do this manually.

                        Also, if there are multiple contact roles on an opportunity, would you flag the last touch attribution based on the last activity of the primary contact or the very last activity of any of the contacts listed?