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    Training for new employees

      What resources do you share with new employees when you want them to understand broadly what Marketo can do?  The tutorials are too dense and the public demos are too high level.  Is there anything in between?
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          Cecile Maindron
          I run a 1:1 training with them where I teach them basics: how to create an email, a smart list, a campaign, a report, how to use the event adapter (for GTW), the convention naming, how to interpret the activity logs, etc.
          After that I give them access to our Marketo best practices (summary of the most common questions and answers within our organization).
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            - I have a 1:1 introduction to provide background information.
            - I create their account and ask them to complete step 2 (in the invite, which is the learning folder tour).
            - I have created 2 videos (from a gotomeeting session) that goes into company specific details (e.g. how our remplate work).
            - We set up their first mail blast together.
            - We set up their first webinar together.

            We have a impressive e-learning environment here, but it makes no sense for me to copy/paste everything from the university. I just want them to be active on the community and university.

            I would like to be able to set up my own 'tours' (like step 2) where I select the help articles.
            I would also like to be able to create my own help articles (only accessable for my company), these should also be included in my own tours).

            This I think would be the best solution.
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              Cecile Maindron
              @ Diederik: I like your approach that is more professional than ours!
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                Great question and comments so far!

                I'm interested to learn more about how people do their company specific training.

                Does anyone else have a method they'd like to share?
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                  To add to this discussion, we create program templates in Marketo for common Marketing campaigns such as Webinar templates, Nurture templates, etc so that folks can clone the entire program and just swap out the content. This way we know that Marketo best practices are being followed each time and makes it easy to support Marketo product updates.
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                    This is all useful for teaching users the how, but what about the why?  Specifically, I'm working with a group new to marketing automation who want to know what they can do with it.  I could simply give them a list of every capability but that can quickly overwhelm.
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                      We also have complete example programs for cloning. We also added tokens to them. This makes live very easy for the marketers.
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                        Hi Steven, spreading the automation word can be tough. The bid question here is what your company's politics are. What do you want to carry out? I'm currently convincing business units to add there leads to engagement programs and finally stop the ad-hoc campaigns. I think my key success is creating best practice with a important business unit and share the success.

                        P.s. I have an internal ambassador score in Marketo. I use Marketo to send my users info about new releases, updates, templates, and so on. I track who is most engaged (clicks through to help articles and so on). Those people I consider to be my most important internal ambassadors.
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                          Michelle Tiziani
                          Hi Steven,

                          I do one on one training with my colleagues.  I train the Editors differently from how I would train our Events, Administrative and marketing department.  The other teams do not need to know the admin set up, lead scoring, data management, and template creation.  

                          Our events (I set up the programs and templates for one of their events and walk them through how to set up the other events from start to end) and marketing department do need to know more about the automation.  In my marketing department I set up a Marketing Communications blog for Marketo/SFDC best practices.  This has been very helpful for us. One of the first things I posted was an illustration of our lead lifecycle model (this is important for everyone in Marketing because none come from a Marketing background except for me and my boss), lead and demographic scoring (in the works), program/campaign results (to see what's what's working or not), archiving campaigns best practices, pre-flight checks, A/B and multivariate test results (in progress), and analytics.  I have to mentor one other person in my team and I'm going to make her take notes and archive, or I might do a video capture of our training, so she'l have something to refer to.