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    Send Email Alert to Opportunity Owner

      We are trying to send email alerts to opportunity owners when opportunities are created. However, the only choice is to send to the Account Owner, but the Account owner may not be the opportunity owner. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to populate the opportunity owner in the send email alert functionality? Thanks in advance!
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          Kenneth Elkington
          Hey Michelle,

          To do this, you'll need to set up a custom field in your CRM that is populated with the Opportunity Owner's email.  Since contacts can have multiple Oppty's you would probably need to have this populate based on the date of the Most Recent Oppty.  This would then sync down to Marketo on the contact, and you can use this field as a token in the "To Other Emails" field of the Send Alert flow step.
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            HI Kenneth! Thanks for the quick response. There is no trigger for Opportunity is created. The ‘Opportunity is Updated’ trigger only sees when an existing oppty is changed. I am not sure I want to use Added to opportunity as people can be added after the opportunity is created.Any recommendations on how to create a smart list to trigger off of opportunity creation?