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    Lead Score Decay

      Does anyone have any recommendations on best practices on how to degrade lead scores? Someone had recommended adding points, wait a certain period, then removing those same points. Or should we reset the score after there has been no activy after X amount of months. Also, are theree specific time period anyone recommends for specific behavior scores to expire such as visiting web page scores should decrease faster than a score of clicking an email. Any recommendations would be great!
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          Josh Hill

          Usually I recommend that you setup a daily batch campaign to check for inactive leads. Inactive leads can be identified in whatever way makes sense for you. It can be a 30, 45, or 180 day decay:

          Not visited web page in past X days
          Not clicked in email
          Not filled out form


          You could definitely have a decay for different kinds of inactivity if you like. Generally I group them all together in a single flow as an AND or ANY smart list.
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            Hi Michelle,

            I typically set up score decay to react to *all* score changes, rather than a step of "Fills out form +5 points, wait X days, -5 points." A lead that stays engaged shouldn't have points removed automatically, IMO.

            To accomplish this, I set up a nightly batch using the "Not Score Was Changed" filter. This will catch your leads after they truly go dead -- and not rob credit if they're still engaged.

            One advantage to the "Not Score Was Changed" filter is that it "should" run a bit quicker than using a combination of filters (e.g. Not Visited Page, Not Clicked Link, etc) with Advanced Logic.
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              Nicole Mossinger
              If you use the "Not Score Was Changed" filter, make sure you also use the "Not Lead Was Created" filter, and set both to the same time frame.

              A lead that you just imported 5 minutes ago and has never gotten a score would be caught by the "Not Score Was Changed" filter.
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                Hey guys,

                Do you set the score decay in a smart campaign that's recurring every day? The fields are somewhat confusing to me(new user). Should it say "Not Score Was Changed" -> "is" "30"?  I'd expect something like "if no score change" -> "greater than" -> "30 days" - then take some points. It seems i am missing something.

                Appreciate your help.
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                  Nicole Mossinger
                  Yes, the Smart Campaign would be a recurring campaign, set to a daily schedule. However, the qualification rule would reflect the number of days  (e.g. 30 days) of inactivity you are looking for in your Smart List. This way, if you are looking for inactivity of 30 days, the campaign cannot run on the individuial lead for another 30 days.

                  Another note: If you have a scoring set-up where you add a score, wait x days, and then remove the score, you may have a very recent behavior score - but at the same time your flames in Sales Insight will be off. Since the flames are calculated based on recent activity, your decay can erase the scoring gain made in the same time, and keep your flames to zero - despite the activity. That's why I favor the score decay after a longer period of inactivity.

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                    Benjamin Ortiz
                    We are currently looking at implementing the "Not Score Was Changed" method...however we deduct points when someone visits our Careers page. Is there a workaround to not include this trigger when running the "Not Score Was Changed" batch campaign? If someone just visits our Careers page this will count has the score being changed, and I would not look at that as being engaged.