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Tracking Google Adwords Search Term

Question asked by d7e34258d5d2f7e12cb0b74cc3b6444700cfd45b on Mar 13, 2013
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Hi All,
 I am looking to run a Google Adwords campaign that is integrated with marketo and seem to understand all of the basics. The problem I am running into is this, How do I track the unique search term that drove the click?

I'll walk through an example to give you an idea of the issue I am having. Say we build a URL as Marketo/Google instruct and it looks like this:

This works great but it operates under the assumption that we somehow know the term that drove the behavior in advance*. I learned a lot in my marketing classes but never did we discuss fortune-telling. So, how do I get that value to populate dynamically with the users search term when they click the ad? Think of this as the equivalent of Marketo's "Original Search Phrase" but for Adwords.

Marketo mentions using Google ValueTrack parameters to do this but I have had no luck with that ( Does anyone have an example of using ValueTrack parameters in a google adwords/marketo environment? Or am I going about this the wrong way?


*This is operting under the assumption that we are not using an exact match in our Adwords campaign.