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I think Marketo is changing lead owner when it shouldn't

Question asked by 11631 on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by Jep Castelein
I'm having an issue where new leads are getting assigned to me in our Salesforce instance instead of the default lead owner (not me). The scenario is that we have leads being created via API when users register for our software. The API doesn't specifiy a lead owner, leaving it to Salesforce to determine. I have the default lead owner set up in Salesforce and in normal situations when a lead is created the default owner is assigned. But with the leads being created via API for some reason I become the owner. After searching all over Salesforce I finally had the idea to check Marketo activity logs. From the logs it appears as if Marketo is the one assigning the lead to me. Here is the first three log entries from one such lead:

                    Event ID                     Date/Time PDT                     Activity Type                     Detail
                    48178311                     2013-03-20 09:54:00                     Change Data Value                     Changed Sales Lead Owner from [null] to "Leif Espelund"
                    48178312                     2013-03-20 09:54:00                     Change Owner                     Leif Espelund
                    48178151                     2013-03-20 09:53:48                     New Lead                     Lead name: "Florian [not provided]", source:

Am I correct in reading that those Change Owner and Change Data Value events are Marketo Generated?