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    What to do with hot leads from shows/events?

      In the past after a tradeshow or an event, we would upload the leads and usually just use the statuses of "attended", "visited booth", "no show", etc and the attended or visited booth would both be successes.

      Now we are wanting to differentiate "hot leads". So here's what I'm wondering about... should I make a new status for these leads (this way it'll reflect in SFDF)? Or since we don't really use the status "engaged" maybe I should use that for hot leads? Do any of you have good uses for the engaged status or have a way you mark leads as hot?

      Also, I want to up their score +100 so that they get pushed to sales... if I made a program status I could make a triggered campaign to do this. Thoughts?

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          Not sure I have any advice to give you about use of statuses, but if you track trade show leads in a SFDC campaign then you can include a score increase as part of your flow.

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            We added an "Engaged" program status for tradeshows.  These are people that have a meaningful discussion, or watch a presentation or  demo.  We consider the "Engaged" and "Visited Booth" statuses as a "Success"; however, some do not consider "Visited Booth" (e.g. cards in a fish bowl) as a "Success".  We do not consider "Attended" program status (e.g the list of show attendees from the event company) as a "Success).