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    Webinar Platform Marketo Integrations

      We are currently using the GoToWebinar integration with Marketo for all of our webinars, but might be looking to switch providers.

      Which other webinar platforms does Marketo integrate with, and how do they compare to GTW?

      We are in the market for a higher-end solution.

      Any information would be very helpful. Thanks!
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          Marketo integrates with Webex, BrightTalk, ReadyTalk and On24. 

          We considered moving from GTW due to communications glitches.  We trialed JoinMe, but there was no adapter and we still had some of the glitches that we experienced with GTW.  The consensus from our IT folks was that we don't have the most consistent bandwidth with our ISP and that may be responsible for the problems. 

          Why are you considering making a switch from GTW?
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            We use WebEx, which works FINE but has an antiquated admin back-end which I hate working with. Overall I think it is a fairly low-budget solution and the functionality hasn't faltered yet. We tried to demo just about every other integration possible and the pricing was OUTRAGEOUS (more than Marketo in some cases, are you kidding me?)

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              This has been a re-occuring discussion, but I prefer GTW for the Marketo integration. If you don't want GTW then I'd suggest one of the others tath Elliott reccomends, but I'd stay about from Webex.
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                We have used BrightTalk and WebEx.

                BrightTalk was frustrating because in order to attend a BrightTalk webcast you have to first register with them and the form they require you to fill out is way to long.  But once a person has done that it works just fine.

                I agree with Naor that WebEx works just fine but here are some of my gripes about it.
                •           It can take up to 24 hours sometimes for the data to be available for who did and didn't attend your broadcast.
                •           Also we have people who forward their Registration Confirmation/Reminder emails that contatin their links, and when this happen the person ends up fillout the WebEx form and gets in without putting in all their information.
                •           It will also accept any email address that you put in provided you have the password so we frequently get people who register under one email address and then sign in with another and then get mad when they receive both the Thanks for Attending and Sorry We Missed You Emails, so we have to manually look for those now.
                I have used GTW with previous automation platforms and while there is inability to upload a Document and easily pass back and forth presenter rights, it did allow me to get the data I needed in a times manner.
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                  Thanks everyone, this is much appreciated. Does anyone have any experience with Adobe Connect?

                  Elliott - We are looking to move from GTW because we need a larger audience capacity, more dependability, higher quality. We do a lot of webinars with large enterprise companies and we can't afford to have broadcast issues. Have you had any experience with ReadyTalk and On24?

                  Naor - In this particular case I think we are willing to spend the money for a higher-end solution. Thanks though!

                  Sierra - I've been using GTW with Marketo since before they formed the integration and have had no problems with it. The reason we are switching is less about the integration itself and more about the quality and dependability of the webinar platform. Ideally we would love to have a Marketo integration, but if I have to go back to exporting data to excel and uploading to Marketo like the old days I will.

                  Patrick - I don't think we are going to go the WebEx route. I'll look into BrightTalk, but I'm not crazy about the idea of sending leads to a BrightTalk landingpage/form.  Thank you!
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                    We partnered with Ziff Davis Enterprise on a series of webinars to thousands of attendees a few years ago and they used On24.  It was a very high quality experience, but I believe it was very pricey - at least at that time.