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New Partners in LaunchPoint!

Question asked by 30317 on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by 4e998c20656fb32bfe2237f7263042cdbd34babb
Several new partners have joined LaunchPoint in the last week. Check them out below! SnapApp provides a great integration that enables the use of SnapApp interactive content on Marketo landing pages.

New to LaunchPoint:
  •           Cvent - The world's largest event management software provider 
  •           Curata - A content curation platform that empowers companies to easily find, organize & share relevant content for its marketing campaigns. 
  •           SnapApp - A marketing platform that is used to create interactive content to generate leads across the web, mobile, social and email channels. 
  •           WebDAM - The leading marketing file management and collaboration platform 

To learn more about any of our partners start here!