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    Webhooks question

      This may be basic.... but I wanted to double-check with the esteemed community.  Are webhooks executed on A. indvidiual leads or on B. lists of leads?  I believe it is "A" and if I want "B", it will be processed one at a time.  Is that right?

      Thanks in advance,

      - dmitry
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          Short Answer - A. individual leads

          Details - We do not support operations on a list of leads currently.  If you could share your use-case, we will use that information to prioritize supporting Webhooks in batch campaigns, which will allow you to operate on a list of leads.

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            Raj - thank you for a speedy reply!  The use-case is data operations on leads, like being to fill-in missing data, or cleanse existing records, or assess data health.  Doing these one at a time is probably not optimal, and sone cases (like assessment as a collection) not feasible.  I know you guys have APIs too - and we are looking at that option of course.  I wsa just trying to see how much mielage we can get out of webhooks out of the box.


            - dmitry
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              You could "game" a trigger campaign by changing some unrelated field, or creating a new list, then triggering off the unrelated change or being added to the new list.  In the trigger campaign you'd call your  webhook in the flow.

              For example, if you start collecting leads for a webinar before you have a webhook to pass data to the webinar provider, you can still set up a trigger campagin with a webhook call in the flow. To process the webhook for those leads:

              Say you have your unprocessed leads in a list called "Registered 1"

              --Created a new list (Registered 2).
              --Set up a triggered Smart Campagin, triggered by "Added to List", with a flow of "Call Webhook"
              --Opened up the list (Regstered 1)
              --Chose "Select All", then  "Lead Actions"/"Flow Actions"/Add to List, and specify "Registerred 2"
              As the leads are added to Registered 2, the trigger will fire, and the webhook will be called.

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                Please do not do this.  Even if you chain this together, the webhook will be called on leads one at a time, so it doesn't solve Dmitry's business problem of processing multiple leads as a collection.  Depending on the number of leads in your list, this will result in a performance slowdown as well.  The restriction is in place due to a good reason.  If you really care about using webhooks in a batch campaign, please add it to the ideas list.

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                  Duly noted.  Sorry for any confusion. 

                  The use case for me was passing leads to ON24 using a POST operation.  I didn't thave the right URL, but collected about 35 in Marketo before realzing that they had provided the incorrect formatting of the URL.   I had to re-create the URL re-run for each of the 35 to push the data to ON24--about 3 leads into the process thought there had to be a better way using tokens and a webhook.  Execept the trigger couldn't have been "fills out form" becuase the form was alredy filled out.

                  The Add-to-list approach seemed to work.

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                    Fair enough - looks like you had an exceptional situation where the list itself was small.  You could also filter by "Webhook is Called" and reinvoke Webhooks for leads for whom the webhook call failed
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                      We are planning to use webhooks to resolve following issue.
                      I would like to know whether I am on my track or not.
                      Is it any good article or presentation available to setup webhooks.

                      Sales team want following email trigger:
                      1. Load Testing package expiration an email should be sent to the customer through Marketo

                      Do I need to create a webhook to access my app and get the list of account information and email the customer?

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                        You can review webhook documentation at https://community.marketo.com/Marketodeepdive?id=kA5500000008QN8CAM

                         do not understand your case well enough to make a recommendation.  If the expiration date is available in Marketo, you maybe able to achieve this using a wait step and regular email.  See https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L98K for details

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                          Expiration date is not available in marketo.