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fix form logic - says checkbox field "mandatory" but unchecked accepted as valid

Question asked by f82a046b4b510d200c0dab63658cff14d5ffe594 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by f82a046b4b510d200c0dab63658cff14d5ffe594
Anyone else found a quick fix for this? I found a way to add custom HTML to landing page itself to make a check box accepting license term mandatory - but then there are two "submit buttons' on LP and that is unworkable. (Submit for form box and submit button for license terms.)


I must be doing something wrong because editting the form fields individually we set the parameters on checkbox to prefilled and to "mandatory" but clearly it is not mandatory as form still accepted and no error message presented if you uncheck the box.

Pretty sure this is user error on my part but curious if anyone has advice. Sincerely, Kristin