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Tracking SEO info at point of conversion

Question asked by fc1ebca83cb655501dc90ab36465902d6bc53ca8 on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by fc1ebca83cb655501dc90ab36465902d6bc53ca8
Hi All, 
We are looking to capture the Source and Search Term that was used when a lead converts, ie completes a form and becomes known.
We are already tracking the Original Source and passing this through on conversion, but we'd like to track the source of the actual session that converted the lead.
Often we'll have an original source that might be PPC, but won't necessarily result in the conversion.
Then the lead will return via organic search and convert at a later stage. Now the original lead source will be PPC, but the source that resulted in the conversion will be SEO or organic search.
How can I grab that info and add it to custom fields on the lead?

Anyway help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.