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    How to import core smart list into program?

           Hi... I created a program and would like to know if I need to pull the email recipient list into the program as Local Assets?

           There are 2 buckets of contacts that we are sending an email blast to: 

           1) Prospects (which I already cloned and imported as local asset from another program), so all set. 
           2) Customers (this list sits in the lead database under 'core smart lists' - I think they should be part of local assets and not sure how to bring them over. 

           Do I need to combine these contacts into 1 local asset folder in my program?

           Specific instruction on best practices would be very much appreciated if possible.
           Many thanks! 

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          Hi Carla,

          Techincally, the contacts do not need to be in 1 local asset folder.

          If I am understanding you correctly, you have a Smart List for customers that you would like to send this email to.  If so, then the best way to accomplish this would be to "call" the Smart List as a filter in your Send Campaign.

          Filter is "Member of Smart List" is "Customer" (or whatever the list is named).

          You could then add a second filter to the send campaign for your "local" prospect list.

          Filter would be "Member of List" is "Prospect" (or whatever you called it)

          Be sure to use and "All" for the filter rules, so you include both sets of records.

          Let me know if I can help further.


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            This is very helpful.
            Many thanks!!!! 
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              HI there,

              Just to note on this...John's correct in the Member of Smart List's filters.  

              To answer your first question...they don't have to be a local asset...they can stay in the Lead Database section for your core smart lists.  You're just filtering them when you are in your smart campaign.  

              The final thing where it is "All" filters...it would actually be "Any" as you want members from either Customer OR Prospect List.  All would assume they are in both.

              Or you could just send them in separate smart campaigns ;).

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                Thanks, Michael .... Appreciate the clarification.

                Re: the 'all' and 'any' filters ... I change it to 'all' ...so I have two separate filters ...one for 'member of list' which i imported into the program and the other that's going to grab folks from a core smart list. 

                thank you!!