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Getting the value of the cookie through the getLead SOAP API?

Question asked by 31553 on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by 31553
     Let me explain my use case first. We use marketo primarily for tracking the user activity on our website. We have embedded the Munchkin JS snippet on all our web pages. AFAIK, the Munchkin snippet creates a unique token, which it stores in the form of a cookie named _mkto_trk, for every new user session. It then logs the user activity against this unique token to marketo. Now, when the new user signs up for an account in our site, we update the lead object created by the JS snippet with his email using the syncLead SOAP API. So far, so good. 
     But, next time when the same user logs in using the account he created earlier, we want to be able to set the cookie to the old value. So that, the subsequent user activity gets logged to the same lead object instead of a different one. In order to accomplish this, we need to retrieve the cookie value, which was set during the sign up step, using just his email through the getLead SOAP API. But, I could see that the getLead call doesn't give the cookie value in the response. 
     Are there any additional parameters to be passed to the getLead call to get the cookie value? Or am I doing this completely wrong?