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How to share munchkin cookie between different domains

Question asked by 27185 on Dec 9, 2013
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I am working on an implementation that requires a Marketo landing page to be displayed in an iframe, and I'm having trouble getting the munchkin cookies to be shared between the parent page and the iframe, which are currently on different domains.

Digging through the source of munchkin,js, I found the 'domainLevel' option, which looks like it should address this issue.

I'm calling `Munchkin.init` in the parent page using the top-level domain that my landing page iframe is on, like this:

    Munchkin.init('123-XYZ-456', { domainLevel: '' });

But still I seem to be getting separate _mkto_trk munchkin cookies set for the page (which is on localhost) and the iframe (which is on

It seems that something must be wrong with the way I'm calling Munchkin.init, but I can't find any examples in the documentation of how it should be called to share cookies between different top-level domains. Can anyone point me to a working example of this?