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    New LaunchPoint Partners This Week

      This week we are excited to welcome 6 new partners to LaunchPoint: Vidcaster, Scribe, Avangate, Datahug and Newscred! Read more about our partners below.
      •           Vidcaster - a complete video marketing solution, offering a branded video site, video distribution, SEO and lead generation tools. 
      •            Scribe:- A true cloud integration platform, Scribe allows users to build, deploy, manage and maintain integrations anywhere they have internet connectivity.  
      •           Avangate - With eCommerce, Channel Manager and Affiliate Manager, Avangate gives software and cloud companies the fastest path to online sales. 
      •           Datahug - Datahug allows you to see who everyone knows within your business by automatically analytzing all of your company's communication traffic.   
      •           Newscred - NewsCred makes publishing quality content to all your marketing channels simple, seamless, and affordable.  
      Check out all of our LaunchPartners at the LaunchPoint Homepage!